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Get a grip on hanger, blood sugar roller coaster

Suffering from energy drops throughout the day? Battling sugar cravings? Feeling hangry? One easy addition to your daily diet can help keep energy levels even and keep hunger pangs at bay.

If you find yourself munching on crackers and chips all day, and experiencing symptoms like energy drops, insulin resistance may be at the root of it all. The good news is, insulin resistance is reversible.

After eating refined/processed carbohydrates, the amount of sugar in your blood stream will increase. The cells of the pancreas pick up on the sugar increase, and, in response will release insulin, a hormone secreted by the pancreas, into the bloodstream. The insulin cues cells to pick up sugar from the bloodstream to balance blood sugar levels and help prevent high blood sugar. Insulin resistance occurs when cells stop responding correctly to insulin.

Insulin resistance can be healed through dietary changes like lowering refined carbohydrates and increasing high-fibre carbohydrates. Since each individual’s needs are unique, connecting with a holistic nutritionist to create a plan tailored to your needs is the best approach. It’s also the most sustainable approach since learning how to use food as medicine is key to healing the body, and long-term success in lifestyle change is more likely with guidance and support.

One simple way to get started on this path is to eat more whole foods or closest to its natural form and add more healthy fats to your daily diet. Healthy fats will help even out energy levels, while promoting satiety so you feel fuller, longer. Feeling hangry? Eat a half an avocado and notice how you feel 30 minutes later.

Other healthy fats to include in your daily diet include olives, and olive oil, coconut oil, coconut cream and shredded coconut, nuts and seeds and nut butters, and grass-fed meat and eggs.

Type 2 diabetes and insulin resistance can be reversed through lifestyle changes, and Type 1 diabetes can be better managed, and dependency on INSULIN reduced, by revamping your relationship with food, says Holly Chakwesha, a registered holistic nutrition practitioner (RHNP) and registered health nutrition counselor (RHNC).

Chakwesha offers a free discovery call to explore how she can guide you on the path to healing and wellbeing. 

At age 33 Chakwesha was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes. She studied holistic nutrition to gain a better understanding of the root cause of the diabetes, and now is passionate about helping others find their health path.

“Having gone through the journey myself, now, as a holistic nutrition practitioner I help people balance and reverse high numbers, and feel good again by achieving optimal health through nutrition and lifestyle choices,’ Chakwesha, the Greater Sudbury resident, says.

“I lost 20Ibs just by eating the right nutrients, reduced insulin dosage by half, and my skin is glowing from inside out. I’m energetic and happy.”

A little coaching can go a long way in setting a path to greater health and vitality. Most people not only need the support of a coach to motivate and encourage them to stay on a health path, but also need the right knowledge and tools that provide the foundation to using food as medicine in everyday life for the rest of their lives.

Tools for achieving optimal health

While Chakwesha’s niche is helping people manage diabetes through lifestyle and dietary changes, she also offers simple meal plans for multiple needs, including: a 7-day weight loss diet; 7-day sugar-free diet; one-pan meal plan; 7-day meal plan; 7-day leaky gut meal plan; 7-day thyroid health diet; and 7-day Mediterranean diet. Find out more here

She also offers two-month and three-month one-on-one coaching programs to help individuals get back to feeling healthy, energized and vibrant again.

Book a free 30-minute discovery call to explore how Holly can guide you on the path to nutritional health and wellbeing.

Contact Holly by email to hello@hollyholistic.ca or phone 705-586-2499 to book your free 30-minute discovery call or for more information.


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