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Publisher’s Note

We all want to be healthy, and many of us are even convinced we are healthy, despite the fact headaches, pain and fatigue have become our normal. Heck, I was one of those people. I even started popping antidepressants, convinced if I boosted serotonin levels I would feel like doing cartwheels again. But that’s not what I needed.

I needed someone to sit my ass down in a chair and be brutally honest with me – To tell me to stop skipping breakfast and stop eating only rice cakes for lunch and I wouldn’t feel so hangry and tired all the time. To stop drinking milk like I was married to the milkman if I wanted to end my suffering with asthma. To stop drinking so much coffee and start drinking tons of water. To stop obsessing over what happened in the past and start meditating.

Stop! Stop! Stop! And I did. But it took a near diagnosis of MS and severe chronic fatigue and pain to wake me up. It took me years, as a single mom, sleeping away life while my kids waited for me to wake up. I was so tired. I was so stressed. I was so unhappy, and I didn’t even realize it.

I didn’t have that one special someone in my life who could be brutally honest with me and tell me the truth, even if the truth hurts.  

So, I’m your special someone – just in case you too, don’t have that someone in your life.  

Alive and Fit is an honest, down-to-earth approach to real health, and real life. It is a marriage of my passions for journalism and fitness coaching, and all things wellness in between, and a desire to make a difference by speaking and living my truth.

Each issue speaks to everyday people like you and me. If I, as a single mom raised three kids healthy on a shoestring budget, so can you. It’s that easy. Alive and Fit is sort of a narrative on how I altered the trajectory of my life 20 years ago, one step at a time, and one ridiculously easy healthy change at a time. It’s a compilation of real life healing stories that give readers hope, and expert advice from professionals in holistic health, and more.

And so here we are, in 2020, 14 years since launching Alive and Fit, and the beat goes on. Welcome to the Alive and Fit family.

Yours in health,
Sari Huhtala

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