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Energy medicine: tools to elevate your life, wellbeing

What if you had the spiritual tools to access your greatest human potential? To be able to tap into Source Energy to receive insights and inspiration for new ways of thinking and being that improve your relationships and your wellbeing? Or, as a practitioner, you had tools to help shift your clients to a higher vibration to allow Healing Energies to flow?

You already have everything within you to be able to elevate your life, all that is needed are the spiritual tools to bring those innate abilities to life.

Whether you are a practitioner who is ready to bring your practice to a higher level with new spiritual tools, looking to start a new career path in Energy Medicine, or a Mom who is juggling career and family and looking to find balance through self-care practices, Energy Medicine is for you. 

Energy Medicine 4-day Enhanced Holistic Practitioner Training, offered online through live Zoom classes or in-person through private group classes, is designed to provide spiritual tools for both personal and professional growth.

This training is perfect for anyone who wishes to experience Energy Work or enhance their own Energy Work with clients, and for learning how to set up a self-care practice using spiritual tools to keep one’s vibration high, while at the same time improving the wellbeing of one’s family, says Arlen Schreiner, who has been an Energy Medicine Practitioner since 2007.

We’ve all had glimpses of spiritual downloads – like when a brilliant idea suddenly pops into your head and you can hardly contain yourself, or the words you express to someone are exactly the words they needed to hear at that particular moment. These downloads are simply a sign you are connecting to Source Energy.  The higher your frequency, the easier it is for these downloads to reach you, and the greater your ability to tap into intuition and clarity on your life path.

Not to mention “it becomes a joy to be doing and experiencing all that is, as an awakened being,” says Arlen.

This is where learning about the Morphogenic Field and how to access it, comes in.

“There is unlimited potential and possibilities that come from accessing higher vibrations,” Schreiner says. “Once you understand the depth of the Morphogenic Field and what we can attain, and start to work with that energy, that’s where the magic is.”

“When you access the Morphogenic Field you’re accessing Rishi consciousness – the original blueprint from our DNA – and connecting to the Conscious Forces of the Universe, and your potential to go well beyond the fifth dimension, potentially tapping into the 15th and 16th dimensions even. This is where the magic happens. Depending on where you are on your evolutionary path determines how long you can access these higher frequencies, whether it be for one minute, 10 minutes or one hour, and you may only need 10 seconds and it’s instant healing.”

“Your frequency is upgraded so you now have more access to light.”

This Energy Medicine course combines the teachings of Shamanism and Energetic Planetary Systems, including the Morphogenic Field – how to access higher dimensions to receive the healing frequencies, guidance and energies to facilitate transformation, along with countless practical tools for reading energy and raising vibrational energy, clearing energy, and accessing intuition. Understanding the Zero Point Field and how to align with Source Field Energies, Breath Work and Meditation Techniques are also part of the course.

Students will learn how to do Axiatonal Alignment as a powerful healing modality, as well as the Hara and Rose Coloured Light, among other simple techniques, and how to set up a self-care practice.

“If one of the kids comes home from school and has had a tough day, say, being bullied, then you can start doing Axiatonal Alignment and energy work with the child and it starts the healing process,” Schreiner says. “Or, you can use these modalities for self care. You come home tired after a stressful day at work and you do some energy work on yourself, and energy boosting self care practices and suddenly you’re not tired any more.”

Students learn how to do an energy healing session, as well as how to set up a successful practice as an energy worker.

“You will learn how to keep your light body intact and discover the tools in understanding how energy works and how to set up an energy work session from beginning to the end.”

Students will share case studies to gain a greater understanding of the vast experiences that are possible.

The course is customizable and flexible for those who wish to do the training in person in a private group, rather than online.

Reach out to Arlen at arlenschreiner@aol.com or by phone at 705-330-2252 to request a free 30-minute conversation by Zoom or on the phone to explore if this course aligns with your Soul’s Path .

Photo credit: © Denizunlusu via Canva.com

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