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Embarking on a journey for peace between all nations

By Guillaume McMartin

About seven years ago I wanted to kill myself after being a firefighter for eight years. I had let people bully me all my life for almost 30 years, people around me were struggling with drug addiction, I was going through a really hard time, I thought I was worth nothing, that I was a failure.

It’s at that point that a small light in my heart appeared. A ray of hope that told me that life was not over, that I had a purpose and that I had to go find it! It’s at that point that my journey started, from law school to entrepreneurship to investing in the stock market, real estate, startups, franchises and social enterprises.

My journey led me to unimaginable places. I even tried to build a philanthropic venture capital fund to bring investors to invest in social and environmental impact. It also led me to develop a certain kind of ego and pride.

After letting people bully me all my life and feeling I was worth nothing, the sudden success was getting to my head. I lost track of why I wanted to build those businesses; to make an impact, to make a change in the world! Now my greed and my ego were taking over, “Look at me, look at what I can accomplish!”

It’s around that point that I was running out of money, using credit for everything, like driving a Mercedes, buying expensive suits and restaurants, traveling, paying high-end coaches and masterminds. The businesses I had invested in were not making profits. I lost everything.

Bankruptcy brought me take a step back and meditate in the forest. One day when I opened my eyes, I saw litter in the creek. A voice in my heart told me to go pick it up so I did. It felt really good. I decided to come back with tools another day. The next time I went, someone saw me get out of the forest with bags of trash and told me this was very inspiring, that he wanted to do it too. I started recording videos for my YouTube channel, Planet Karma, of picking up the trash in forests, creeks and beaches for over two years.

People from Russia, Germany, UK, China, USA, Canada, Brazil were being inspired by my videos and sending me pictures and videos of them doing the same in their countries!

Two years ago, I was heading canoe-camping in Northern Quebec with my family and when we drove through the native village of Kitigan Zibi, I saw posters of two missing young women. It put something in my heart I had to do something about it, yet I did not know what yet. After a week, a large raven flew in front of me while I was mountain biking in the forest and told me I had to ride my bicycle to the mountains to the West of Canada.

After spending many years meditating and cleaning the forest, I had learned to speak the language of the trees and the animals; the language of the heart. Two days later, I was on my mountain bike with a trailer full of camping gear heading across Canada with less than $18 in my bank account. That journey brought me so much faith in God, the Creator and inspired the story of my first novel The Messenger – The Untold Journey, which you can get on Amazon.

It led me to bike for three months, being stopped by winter, meeting and living with the native Anishinaabe communities in Northern Ontario for over a year and a half and now taking a journey on that same bicycle and trailer across the continent for peace between all nations since December.

My plan, even though I never plan because the Creator always has better plans than me, haha, was to get to Yukon and than switch on a horse from Yukon to Argentina to meet all the nations on the continent alone. It seems the Creator has brought me a partner on my journey, Selena, with whom I have found love and we got engaged within four hours of talking with each other and have now been spiritually united by the stars, the moon, the trees and the Creator during our stay in Wawa, ON after she drove over 16 hours from New York to come meet me in person.

We’ve started a YouTube channel together about love and our now shared journey across the continent! Follow us on YouYube, we’re called Honey Poo & Boo.

I am writing the second novel in The Messenger series while we travel and we spread love to the communities from all nations that we come across. I have learned on my journey to trust in the divine plan, that all the things that are put on our paths that seem like they are insurmountable may actually be, in retrospect, blessings that lead us where we need to be. For me being bullied all my life, attempting suicide and bankruptcy were actually gifts that made me grow and made me care so much about humanity and all of Creation that I can now inspire people wherever I go. These people tell me after minutes of meeting them on the street, that I turned the worst day of their lives into the best day they ever had.

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