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1-13B - 885 Regent Street
P3E 5M4
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Homœopathic Acute and Chronic care Clinic.
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"The highest ideal of a cure is rapid, gentle and permanent restoration of the, health, or removal and annihilation of the disease in its whole extent, in the shortest, most reliable and most harmless way, on easily comprehensible principles." - Dr. Samuel Hahnemann

This is Homœopathy in a nutshell. No complicated diet or exercise plans, no cabinets full of vitamines and supplements, no complicated plan. Common sense and one remedy that covers the largest number of your complaints possible are all that it takes to get you healing because a homœopathic approach to healing is holistic (treating the PERSON that has this disease), global (one SIMILIMUM for the whole picture) and completely non-toxic (the smallness of the dose guarantees that).

In Acute conditions, a Walk-in Clinic is open 8:30AM-10:00AM Monday to Friday to make sure you can take care of that nasty cold, those painful bruises, that awful toothache, that paralyzing backache... right away (on weekends one of the Homœopaths is on call).

From 10:00AM-5:00PM weekdays you must make an appointment and we will be happy to take a full case and help you to regain your optimal health.

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705 222 6313
Veronika Hanninen
Address: Kathleen St., Sudbury ON
P3C 2L8
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Private Voice Lessons in Downtown Sudbury and Online
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Healthy and Natural-Bel Canto Technique, Singing Lessons for all ages, all styles

Borealis Laser Light Therapy
Address: 754 Unit 6-A Falconbridge Rd, Sudbury, Ontario
P3A 5X5
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'When your cells are injured or inflamed they're flooded with nitric oxide, which can push out oxygen and prevent the vital flow of energy. This stress causes inflammation, cell mutation and even cell death. Borealis Laser Light Therapy wakes up your sick cells to throw out the poison and bring back oxygen to let energy flow through your cells to lower the inflammation, soothe your pain and speed up your recovery. Borealis PBMT speeds up healing and eliminates your pain.
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Borealis Laser Light Therapy treats a wide range of conditions, painlessly:

Sprains, strains or bruises
PBMT helps increase blood flow which increases oxygen and nutrient availability to help heal ligament sprains, muscle tears, tendon strains, tendonitis, skin and muscle bruising as well as bone fractures.

Arthritic conditions
PBMT is a safe, effective and painless healing treatment that helps relieve pain, regenerate new cartilage, increase joint mobility and reduce crippling inflammation.

Repetitive stress injuries , tissue repair & wound healing
By reducing inflammation, PBMT helps with the formation of new blood vessels which can help close over wounds with new skin cells, build up collagen and put it in its place.

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Dr. Ashley Nelson, ND
Address: 480 Huronia Road, Suite 104
Barrie, Ontario, Canada
L4N 6M2
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Naturopathic Doctor offering in-person and virtual appointments to help you reach your health goals. Dr. Ashley loves to help with areas such as mental health, women's health + hormone balance, natural aesthetics and anti-aging.
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Dr. Ashley Nelson is a Naturopathic Doctor who loves to support people in improving their health one step at a time.
Wellness is often a moving target. One month we may be overcoming an injury, the next we want to eat better, down the road we want to balance our hormones, or exercise more, or learn which supplements to take, or boost our immune system.
Naturopathic doctors are critical to helping you through all the phases and stages of your health.
We work with you to provide safe, effective, health promoting options that fit your needs.
Dr. Ashley loves to focus in a few areas, which often tend to overlap for many people:
Mood and mental health
Hormone balance
Natural skin care

Her services include:
dietary and lifestyle guidance
supplement and herbal prescriptions
medical and traditional acupuncture
cosmetic acupuncture, chemical/enzyme peels, and other therapeutic topical treatments for the skin
vitamin injections (vitamin b12, vitamin d)
To learn more, book a free 15 minute consultation today, or get started with your initial appointment right away at www.ashleynelsonnd.com!

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Jamie-Lynn Shaw Nutrition
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My name is Jamie-Lynn Shaw; I am a Certified Nutritional Practitioner and health and lifestyle blogger. My passion is to help you renew and reclaim your health through dietary and lifestyle changes as well as supplementation.
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As a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP) I work to provide you with a strong foundation to achieve your health goals. I emphasize the significance of poor nutrition, being the main contributor to a wide array of health disorders. Each individual has their own unique biological makeup with different health issues; I access individual’s nutritional imbalances and areas of concern. I strive to ensure proper health through nutrition and help you lead a more holistic lifestyle. Working with me is complementary to other health care providers, including your family doctor to achieve your optimal health goals and get to the root of the problem. No two people are the same, which is why it is so important to get a customized plan specific to you!


One of the reasons I am so confident I can help you is because I experienced this first hand! After moving away from home at the age of 18 to attend University a lot changed for me. The stress of school and being away from home really took a toll on my body. On top of that, I was not eating very well or looking after myself, as I should have been. As an outcome of this, my immune system took a hit, I was sick all of the time. Stress was affecting my body in a way that I didn’t know possible. When my workload got too heavy my body would break out in rashes and I would experience extreme anxiety. My hormones became unbalanced, which also affected my body greatly. After doing much research and seeing a nutritionist, I was able to heal myself of these problems through diet, lifestyle changes as well as supplementation. And that is what got me hooked on natural nutrition!


I completed my Bachelor of Health Sciences at the University of Western Ontario. After that, I went on to study Holistic Nutrition at the Institute of Holistic Nutrition where I finished my schooling to become a Certified Nutritional Practitioner. Once receiving these credentials, I then joined the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners where I also become a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner. I may have completed my degrees, but in the nutrition world, the learning never stops!


To be honest, I can work with pretty much any health ailment or even just work with clients to keep them on the right path and in good health! Prevention is also very important. Here is a list of some of my client’s issues I have worked with:

Weight loss
Digestive Issues
Hormonal imbalances
Specific diseases
And so much more

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Golf club repairs, regripping
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Certified in custom club repairs, all makes. Over 15 years experience as a golf instructor and CTGF certified in club repair

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The Buddhist Temple
Address: 29 Woodland Acres, Belleville Ontario, K8N4K2 Canada
#6 Manuel Bonilla, Apt #6 Mazatlan, Sinaloa, 82000, Mexico
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Wolff Glass Studio sells one of a kind stained glass pieces designed for over40 years by Evelyn Wolff MD (retired holistic physician). The spiritual overtones of the images rise from inspiration from the Infinite, sacred geometry, crystals, and use of color as healing power to balance the chakras of the receiver. Evelyn also sell Art Cards, and Digital Prints on fine paper or on canvas (Giclees) These prints of her Art for Home Decor, or on household items such as Tapestries, Duvets, Pillows, Tote Bags, Phone covers and Shower curtains are sold through through Fine Art America, see, https://fineartamerica.com/profiles/evelyn-wolff/shop
As well she has written three books, an art book, Moments of Wonder with 21 magnificent glass pieces and the stories of how each was inspired. Vol1 and 2 of her memoir, Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot tell the story of her early wounding, her healing and the development of her artistry.
She also writes articles for Wellness Magazines like Alive and Fit. By summer she will launch a Blog/Vlog called, Art is Her Medicine; Medicine is her Art. You can subscribe on her website, https://www.wolffglass.ca/artist.
Personal glass commissions are welcomed.
Thanks for your interest, I look forward to hearing from you.
Evelyn Wolff

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011-52-669-122-5804 (Mx)

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