Tired of just managing life?

Having suffered four major burnouts over the 30 years that she worked as a middle manager for the federal government in Ottawa, Joelle Nault knew she was “out of alignment in all areas of her life.” She knew she had just been spinning in circles, managing life, and the consequence was dis-ease and disharmony.

Truth is, she realized that just managing life was not the same as creating her best life. The proof was in the burnouts. Given a new paradigm, she would choose to live life differently; she would design her life to live the best life ever. And she did.

“When we get to a place in our lives where it’s the same old, same old…the only way we can make a change is by creating a new shift in mindset,” says Nault, a CODE Model Coach™, Reiki Master and intuitive healer.

“At some point we have to ask ourselves “Do we like the life I’m creating?”

And if the answer is “no,” then maybe it’s time to choose to live life differently, she says. That’s where a new way of thinking is necessary, otherwise nothing ever changes.

In her journey to create her best life, she discovered Reiki, which provided her with a tool to help her manage her own energy, but it didn’t transform her life, she says. The WEL-Systems® Institute’s Programming did, and that is what led her to become a certified CODE Model Coach™ in 2021.The WEL-Systems®’s foundation is Evolution by Intention™.  By introducing a new paradigm in thinking and being, one can evolve and transform from someone who simply manages life, to someone who designs the best life ever. It’s a powerful way to live.

She draws on the WEL-Systems®, Reiki and intuitive development to help people realize their full potential through one-on-one sessions and workshops. She offers services at Tree of Life North in Sudbury. Contact Joelle at 613-314-3037 or by email at joellenault11@gmail.com to inquire about upcoming transformational workshops.

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