Hot flash rescue pudding

By Kathy Smart, RNC

Hot flashes are not fun! I can remember my mom having such severe hot flashes while going through menopause that she would put her head in the freezer to cool herself down ( for real!)  Ground flax seeds (specifically ground golden flax seeds) contain the highest source of lignans and other nutrients) and have been shown to help reduce hot flashes, improve cardiovascular health and relieve constipation.

Here is a decadent way to decrease those hot flashes.

Chocolate pudding

• 1 cup of ground flax seeds

• ¼ cup of chia seeds

• 3 cups of chocolate unsweetened cashew or almond milk

• 1 tbsp of vanilla extract and pure maple syrup, or sweeten to taste

Blend all ingredients in a bowl and allow to sit for at least one hour. Cover and refrigerate. Makes one week’s worth.

Recipe created by Holistic Nutritionist of the Year and CEO of Live The Smart Way™  Kathy Smart.

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