Holistic study made easy

Sometimes finding sanity and balance in chaos and stress, especially when it relates to a work environment, comes in the least anticipated forms. Sometimes it comes as a nudge that encourages one to pursue a path in the healing arts – to find greater purpose and meaning in life, while learning lifelong self-care tools. That’s how it unfolded for Desiree Walker, who became a certified Myomassologist in 2012, while balancing a high-stress career and life as a busy mom.

What made it possible for her to juggle school, a career and family? A flexible holistic study program that is geared toward people who have other commitments, so they “don’t have to drop their life and become more stressed,” Walker says.

“Myomassology became my sanity,” says Walker, who has been serving Sudbury and area clients for a decade, while continuing her day job, and is now a certified instructor through Aromatica Centre for Natural Therapies and Holistic Study – Canada’s first certified Myomassology Practitioner Program.

January 2023 marks the launch of her new school in Sudbury – White Willow Centre for Natural Therapies and Holistic Study. She’s making it more flexible than ever for individuals to pursue studies in natural therapies, despite a busy life. The programs are perfect for those looking for a career change, holistic practitioners, including RMTs, who wish to add more tools in their toolbox, and even for students fresh out of high school who feel a pull towards the healing arts.

Myomassage incorporates several ancient healing arts to “treat the whole person”: Craniosacral Therapy, Indian Head Massage, Prenatal Massage, Traditional Chinese Cupping, Tuina Chinese Medical Massage, Reflexology, Swedish massage and Contraction Release Therapy (CRT), which is unique to Myomassage. CRT gets to the root of pain issues by correcting misalignments at the source, she adds.

Natural Health Practitioners of Canada (NHPC) describes Aromatica’s Myomassology Massage training program as “the holistic version of massage therapy.”

In addition to the full Myomassage certification program, her school will also offer certificate programs for individual therapies that fall under Myomassage.

Contact Desiree at 705-920-1935 or by email to whitewillowcentre@gmail.com for more information.

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