Restore, expand your energy

Whether we realize it or not, our energy field is being impacted every day – by people, WiFi, social media, and countless other ways. Everything is energy and it will either strengthen or dampen our energy field.

Understanding that, what if you had simple tools to help restore and strengthen your energy field, to help counterbalance some of the non-supportive energy in your environment? A stronger energy field helps us cope better, strengthens our intuition, and helps us feel better overall.

Enter the work of Ontario-based Andrea Leigh Austin and Bill Little, founders of My Conscious Wellness and Love Evolution, who have made it their mission to “help people get back into the vibration of love.” Strengthening, clearing, neutralizing, and expanding the energy field can help us shift back into the vibration of love, Bill says.

We are storing subconscious memories of trauma, including ancestral trauma, things we watch on TV, traumatic fear-based exchanges between people, and much more, says Andrea. There are tools that can help accelerate and strengthen the letting go process of what is not ours and helps us get back to love more easily.

“Just by being human, our energy fields can always benefit from strengthening,” she says.

My Conscious Wellness offers a myriad of tools – physical technology, videos, audio – that use sound and frequency and scalar coils to create scalar energy fields that can be played in the home, the office, and on the go, anywhere. There are frequencies of love, grounding, clearing, expansion, full moon cycles, and much more, along with a community for support, if you choose.

“They gently work in the background to support and strengthen the energy field of people in their space,” says Andrea. “We have entered a time where technology exists. Why not use technology to help us evolve?”

“Parents are using these tools to support the energy field of sensitive beings, of sensitive children.”

“It is our core belief we can evolve as a species, but we need love,” Andrea says. “It requires eroding some of the fears that are so deeply embedded into society.”

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