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Apple tea remedy

By Sari Huhtala

Enjoy apple juice but not fond of the insane amount of sugar in one single glass? Try homemade apple tea. Aside from tasting delicious and naturally sweet, steeping apple chunks to make tea is a healthful way of gifting the body with antioxidants – just what the body craves for when hit with a cold or flu.

An article, Antioxidant Activity of Fresh Apples, which appeared in the journal Nature, showed one large fresh apple has antioxidant activity that is equivalent to 1,500 mg of vitamin C.

A rich source of strong phytochemicals, like quercetin and catechin, apples rank among the top fruits with a high concentration of phenolic compounds, and the highest in free phenolics, according to a 2004 Nutrition Journal study. Free phenolics are not bound to other compounds in the apple, so they are more readily absorbed into the bloodstream, researchers say.

Cutting apples into small pieces into a mug, filling the mug with boiling water and steeping the apples into a tea is an easy way to boost health for adults and children alike. Spooning out and enjoying the softened apple bits turns a tea into a dessert.

A Chinese remedy for coughs is made with two simple ingredients – apples and honey. This remedy doubles as a dessert. Cut the core out of an apple, pour real honey into the centre, then steam the apple until cooked, mash then eat.

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