Natural Health

DIY suet feeders

By Sari Huhtala

Winter blues? Grab the kids, or the grandkids, or the neighbour’s kids for that matter, and create these easy bird feeders, then get outdoors to enjoy some sunshine, fresh air and nature therapy while helping out our feathered friends.

These suet feeders are likely the easiest project you’ll ever tackle, and you can get as creative as you like with them.

To make a suet, mix together vegetable shortening, or lard and natural peanut butter, then add bird seed.

There’s no exact science to this process. Mix together about ¼ cup of peanut butter and a ¼ cup of shortening, then pour in seeds to desired consistency to be able to scoop and pack apples.

To prepare apple, cut apple in half and carefully cut and scoop out the centre part of the apple to create a basket to hold the suet. Push a hole through each end of the half apple (I used a skewer to push a hole through the apple), then thread twine through the hole and tie the twine on each side to create a hanging basket for a tree. I used hemp twine I found at a dollar store. Look for string/twine that is bird friendly. Fill the half apple with suet. Add sunflower seeds, raisins, cranberries or dried fruit into the suet if desired, or poke holes through fresh cranberries and thread through the twine that is threaded through the apple suet.

Alternatively, instead of creating a basket, simply poke a hole through the top of the half apple and thread twine through it to hang in a tree.

Have fun!

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