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Cold and flu triggers

Evelyn Wolff, MD

First, remember that the purpose of a cold or flu is to help the body detox – removing accumulated chemicals and excess mucus from the body. Research shows that people who have a cold once or twice per year have a lower incidence of cancer. However, it is also true that dietary changes can decrease the number and intensity of colds.  

Reducing white sugar intake, eating cleaner foods, less red meat, more vegetables, and eliminating dairy have a tangible effect.

Since I stopped dairy I, along with many others, stopped having regular sore throats, earaches and having bronchitis or pneumonia every winter.

1) If you already have a post-nasal drip and a chronic productive cough, consider reducing mucus-producing food—bread, pasta, and especially milk and cheese.  You may have thought these symptoms were from allergies. In my experience, even if the symptoms are partially caused by allergies, reducing mucus load helps. Also, eat lightly, after 6:00 p.m. That gives the liver time to clean itself during the night. I recommend stopping all dairy other than butter at the first sign of a cold. Many people recall having binged on a double cheese pizza the night before cold symptoms appear.

2) Get enough rest and sleep.

3) Keep the bowels moving by drinking enough water. A mug of hot water with a squeezed lemon first thing in the morning is a good detoxifier and keeps the bowels moving. Brisk daily walks reduce stress, increase circulation, detox through sweating, and are crucial for bowel regularity, and quality sleep

4) Mucococcinum and Ocilliococinum are two homeopathic flu and cold preventative measures. Both Mucococcinum and Occilliococinum can be used to prevent flu and colds, at a dosage of one tablet per week,  or as a treatment once symptoms appear at two to three tablets per day.

None of the above should minimize, especially during COVID 19, the importance of regular hand-washing, masks, appropriate social distancing, COVID testing, and consulting a health professional, especially for people at high risk. This information is intended as education, NOT as a prescription!

We are all responsible for our choices!

Be well.

Evelyn Wolff, MD, is a retired Holistic Physician, Writer and Artist.

She is the author of Calming Dr. Twitch-A-Lot, V1 and 2, and approximate autobiography, as well as Moments of Wonder, an art book of her stained-glass images with magical stories about the epiphanies that inspired each magnificent piece. Her books are available on FriesenPress.com/Bookstore and Amazon. Contact her at wellwolf@cogeco.ca or visit her website at www.wolffglass.ca 

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