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Homemade goo-gone

Imagine a degreaser that removes sticky price tags and gluey messes, that is good enough to eat?

The Material Safety Data Sheet for Goo Gone, a commercial degreaser, lists a host of warnings for inhalation of the chemical, along with skin contact and more. Suprisingly coconut oil works like a charm for removing sticky residue left from price tags and other debris.

Natural de-weeder

Weeds that sprout up between patio stones and walkways can be challenging to get rid of. A natural weed killer solution exists. Bring to  a boil one cup of table salt and two cups of water. Pour over weeds. Alternatively, sprinkle salt on the weeds and allow rainwater to dissolve the salt.

Spider Ban

If the only spider you’ve ever come to love is Wilbur’s friend Charlotte, and you’re not keen on sacrificing your family’s health for the sake of banning spiders from your home or cottage, then this idea is perfect for you. Spiders despise peppermint, so a natural spider ban solution is simple. Fill a spray bottle with about a cup of water, a squirt of dish soap and about 10 drops of pure peppermint oil. Spray spots that are prone to spiders to keep them at bay.

Liquid coffee fertilizer

Don’t toss the grounds leftover from your morning cup of java. Turn them into liquid fertilizer. Coffee grounds are rich in nitrogen and trace minerals. Add one cup of grounds to nine litres of water and steep overnight. Use as a liquid fertilizer. You can also deter slugs and snails from your garden by placing mounds of used coffee grounds in slug-prone areas.

Refreshing mosquito repellent

If you’re a little wary of using insect repellent chemicals that carry a note of caution due to studies showing possible damage to brain cells, this minty mosquito spray may be for you. Mix five drops of mint oil with 1/3 cup of apple cider vinegar and 1/3 cup of vodka or witch hazel. Shake thoroughly and pour into small spray bottles for a natural repellent on-the-go. Planting mint in containers (it can become invasive in the ground) helps to keep insects at bay in your garden as well. Or, if you forgot to grab repellent and come across wild mint while hiking, rub the leaves gently on skin to release the pungent scent.

Mold rescue

Vinegar is a great natural alternative to combat mold growth around tub and tiles. Keep a spray bottle of vinegar handy to spray areas prone to mold, or where mold has started to take hold.

Natural fertilizer

Recycle your cooking water from vegetables and pasta by using it to water your indoor plants and outdoor gardens. Water from pasta has a high starch content that plants love.


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