Photobiomodulation Light Therapy

Borealis Laser Light Therapy
Address: 754 Unit 6-A Falconbridge Rd, Sudbury, Ontario
P3A 5X5
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‘When your cells are injured or inflamed they’re flooded with nitric oxide, which can push out oxygen and prevent the vital flow of energy. This stress causes inflammation, cell mutation and even cell death. Borealis Laser Light Therapy wakes up your sick cells to throw out the poison and bring back oxygen to let energy flow through your cells to lower the inflammation, soothe your pain and speed up your recovery. Borealis PBMT speeds up healing and eliminates your pain.
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Borealis Laser Light Therapy treats a wide range of conditions, painlessly:

Sprains, strains or bruises
PBMT helps increase blood flow which increases oxygen and nutrient availability to help heal ligament sprains, muscle tears, tendon strains, tendonitis, skin and muscle bruising as well as bone fractures.

Arthritic conditions
PBMT is a safe, effective and painless healing treatment that helps relieve pain, regenerate new cartilage, increase joint mobility and reduce crippling inflammation.

Repetitive stress injuries , tissue repair & wound healing
By reducing inflammation, PBMT helps with the formation of new blood vessels which can help close over wounds with new skin cells, build up collagen and put it in its place.

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