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80s study finds common vitamin stops flu in its tracks

Mega doses of one common vitamin can help reduce symptoms of virus-induced respiratory infections by up to 85 per cent, and even prevent the onset of symptoms, according to findings of a clinical trial published over 20 years ago.

In a controlled study aimed at determining the effect of large doses of vitamin C in preventing and relieving cold and flu symptoms, researchers recruited over 700 students between the age of 18 and 32, and divided participants into a control group and a test group.

Participants in the control group were treated with decongestants and pain relievers, while those in the test group were treated with hourly doses of 1000 mg of vitamin C for the first six hours, then three times daily after that. Test group participants who did not report any cold or flu symptoms were given 1000 mg of vitamin C daily as a preventative approach.

The result? Mega doses of vitamin C decreased cold and flu symptoms by 85 per cent, researchers concluded in their study, which appeared in the Journal of Manipulative and Physiological Therapies.

Plus, high doses of vitamin C also prevented the onset of symptoms in the test group compared with the control group.

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