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Unleash the magic of menopause

Entering menopause? Congratulations! You are entering the most magical time of your life. You are now the wise woman. You have steered your way through many of life’s transitions. You have a whole new level of awareness and a whole new level of skill sets to move into this next phase of your life, says Karen Stillman, certified DreamBuilder™ Coach.

“You’re in a position where you can share your wisdom with confidence, just like women in other cultures do. The wise woman is honoured.”

In this new phase of life, you get away from the busyness of being busy. You have more time now to devote to sharing and enhancing the lives of others by being more present for them and for yourself.

“You remove some of the things on your to-do list so that you can increase your to-be list,” says Stillman, who has over 12 years’ experience as an Obstetrician and Gynaecologist and is also a Sacred Childbirth with Reiki™ practitioner.

Not feeling the magic? Is the magic being overshadowed by hot flashes that make you wish you had a portable bucket? Night sweats that force your partner to change clothes in the middle of the night?

“I wonder whether or not women who experience extreme symptoms during menopause are unhappy with their lives; if something is weighing them down?” Stillman ponders.

“I see these symptoms more like signals trying to wake us up into our amazing spiritual being.”

The hot flash reminds us to turn inward in our thinking, she explains. We notice the heat more easily. It reminds us we have a narrower focus.  We still shine our light and do it in a more directed manner.  We can reset more easily. Perhaps the hot flash is a reminder to turn up the heat on different aspects of our life?

“Do you need to turn up the heat on gratitude? On forgiveness? What’s going on in my life to forgive? What can be allowed to grow?”

“Each time you have that hot flash, take a moment to reflect on your breath and calm your nervous system. Become mindful.”

“If you don’t sleep well, perhaps it is time to reflect on what is going on in your life”, she says. When we are willing to do the internal work, we create midlife magic. This is the magic that lasts.

There is so much more to menopause. Now we ask ourselves ‘What is the more?’

A gratitude practice helps you become more present in your life. This mindfulness practice is a calming and grounding experience. A gratitude practice serves us well by putting us on the frequency of growth and abundance.  You become more expansive as a person because mindful people are more connected to their spiritual side.

A forgiveness practice allows you to release yourself from whatever the situation is that is holding you captive. When you forgive, you free up your brain and your heart for other experiences in life.  You come to peace with it internally so that you can move forward.

“In the magic of menopause you get to do more, be more, create more and to share more. This is your opportunity to look into what it is you would love to do. What is your true purpose?”

“It is a gift to move into menopause in the 21st century because it’s the next best version of your self. This is the last phase of your life, which could be the longest phase of your life. Why not make it the best part of your life?”

You are being called to do some internal work and be the person you would love to be. There is so much more untapped potential within us. Now is the time to unleash it.”



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