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The unexpected results when women lift weights

By Natalie Rivier, RHN

Have you heard that women should be weight training to get lean and fit? Many experts are speaking out about the benefits of lifting heavy for women, but have you ever considered what lies beneath the surface when a woman begins her weight training journey? The captivating realm of iron and sweat may hold secrets that go far beyond a lean, toned body. As women step into the world of weights, they unlock a cascade of unexpected results that transform not just their bodies, but their minds and spirits as well.  Here are just some of the life-changing effects that unfold when women embrace the barbell.

  1. Unleashing Inner Courage: One rep at a time, as the weight rises, so does a woman’s belief in herself. Weight training fosters an unwavering sense of courage, pushing boundaries beyond the gym walls. Suddenly, the world becomes a playground for newfound bravery. Solo adventures, public speaking, and daring to try new experiences become exhilarating challenges to conquer.
  2. Embracing the Power of Resilience: With each lift, you realize you are capable of doing hard things. As the iron bows to your strength, this newfound resilience transcends the gym floor, seeping into every aspect of your life. Challenges that once seemed insurmountable now become steppingstones towards personal growth and success.
  3. Shifting Focus: Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who’s the strongest of them all? Weight training redirects the focus from appearances to accomplishments. As you witness your strength grow, aesthetics takes a back seat, and you embrace the incredible capabilities of your body. Feeling strong and empowered becomes the ultimate badge of honor.
  4. Gratitude for the Incredible Body: The barbell acts as a gateway to gratitude. Appreciating the power within your body becomes a daily ritual. Instead of scrutinizing imperfections, you celebrate the sheer marvel of what your body can achieve. Gratitude, like a sacred gift, weaves itself into the tapestry of your being.
  5. Lessons Beyond Muscles: Weight training produces a brew of uplifting brain chemicals like dopamine and endorphins, but its transformative magic extends far beyond mood elevation. The journey hones virtues like delayed gratification, discipline, self-motivation, and consistency. The discipline to show up for your workouts echoes in other aspects of life, unlocking a newfound dedication.

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Natalie Rivier is a fitness trainer who unapologetically helps active women over 40 get lean, build muscle tone, and be badass. No BS training…that works.  Download her free ebook “The Perfect Workout Blueprint for Women Over 40

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