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Tea Tree Oil Home Remedy

Add tea tree oil to your everyday shampoo to ward off head lice. About 10 drops to a 250ml bottle should do the trick. If your child has head lice apply tea tree oil directly to the scalp, let it sit in hair overnight, wash and blow dry on hot setting as heat helps kill lice and nits. Comb out any nits with a fine tooth comb. Wash all bedding and dry on high heat. Dilute tea tree with water into a misting bottle to spray laundry hampers, pillows and other potentially infested items.

Tea tree oil for your scalp

To treat dandruff, oily or dry hair, add tea tree oil to your favourite moisturizing shampoo. Tea tree oil helps maintain and balance moisture levels in the hair follicle by dispersing dead skin cells thereby killing any bacteria or fungal causing scalp problems.

Cold sore treatment

Apply tea tree oil directly to the affected area. This will help prevent the spread and further manifestation of the virus causing cold sore.

Foot care

Athlete’s foot and toenail fungus are common problems. Soak feet in a wash basin with 10 to 20 drops of tea tree oil. Repeat daily. Regular pedicures and soaking will kill further fungal growth.

The above suggestions will work with consistent treatment. If your problem persists or gets worse please see your health care professional.

Tips provided by Alana Watkinson, RPN, of Inspire Aromatherapy.

E-mail questions to alana.watkinson@gmail.com]

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