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Top 10 reasons rebounding is for you

Only two minutes of rebounding is needed to flush the entire lymphatic system and boost the immune system. How much easier can exercise get?

Not an exercise enthusiast? Perfect. Then rebounding’s for you. Fitness fanatic? Superb. Then rebounding’s for you. Aging muscles and joints? Wonderful. Then rebounding’s for you.

More than just a fitness craze, rebounding was popularized in the 70s, then studied by NASA scientists in 1980 for its amazing benefits. NASA scientists were searching for a solution to the rapid loss of muscle and bone mass in astronauts in space.

That solution was found in rebounding, and their results were published in the Journal of Applied physiology in 1980.

Rebound exercise is the most efficient, effective form of exercise devised by man, according to NASA scientists.

Rebound exercise is simply non-impact vertical motion exercise on a rebounder – a specialized mini trampoline. Not all rebounders are created equal though. Most are designed for recreation rather than regular fitness use. Price points vary depending on quality. Cheap rebounders are made with low-quality springs or bungees that can be jarring on the joints and leave the knees and back feeling worse than before beginning exercise. If regular use for therapeutics or fitness is the aim, invest in a high-quality rebounder that has springs specifically designed to absorb the impact of a bounce, to protect the joints. Some rebounders also offer a stabilizing bar to hold on to.

Top 10 reasons rebound exercise is for you

  1. Two minutes of rebounding flushes the whole lymphatic system, and strengthens and cleanses lymph nodes, according to MedFit Network. Every body needs to move lymph to stay healthy. The lymphatic system is critical to the immune system and circulatory system. Rebounding is the easiest way to move lymph.
  2. No other exercise strengthens every cell of the body equally like rebounding does.
  3. Two minutes of rebounding triples white blood cell count, giving the immune system a boost.
  4. Rebounding strengthens abs, legs, buttocks and deep back muscles, without the impacts on joints.
  5. Rebounding strengthens bones and helps increase bone density.
  6. Rebounding is 68 per cent more effective for cardiorespiratory fitness than running on a treadmill.
  7. Balance is key to successful aging to help avoid falls. Rebounding helps maintain, and restore balance.
  8. It boosts metabolism to aid in weight loss.
  9. It reduces the risk of cancer due to its positive effect on the lymphatic system, and the immune system.
  10. It’s easy and is ideal for every age and stage of fitness. 10 minutes a day is all that is needed to see and feel results.

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