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Low back pain game changer, bone density booster

One simple therapy has the capacity to alleviate and potentially “cure” low back pain issues, while at the same time increase bone mineral density, reduce knee pain, strengthen muscles and trim body fat.

That one therapy is whole body vibration (WBV), and, although it sounds like a new kid on the block, WBV was first researched and used by astronauts in the 1960s to help them regain muscle and bone loss experienced during long periods in space. Scientists now, after over 20 years of studying its use in the general population, have proven WBV can have multiple benefits for everyday people.

This is why Shari Levesque incorporated WBV as one of four 10-minute health modalities offered in the wellness spa circuit at Healthy Vibes Holistic Studio, and it’s been a game changer for her clients.

“The chiropractic care had stopped working to relieve my back pain,” says Val Caron, ON resident Sue Sgro. “Whole body vibration has changed the game. It motivates me by releasing my stress and alleviating my back pain. It makes me feel good and I love the full body sensation.”

A 2002 study of 60 patients who had chronic lower back pain for an average of 13 years, found 30 days of WBV led to a “significant and comparable reduction in pain sensation and pain-related disability.” The study appeared in the journal Spine. A six-month follow up after using WBV found lasting results for patients.

“A well-controlled vibration may be the cure rather than the cause of lower back pain,” researchers noted.

A 2004 study in the Journal of Bone and Mineral Research found post-menopausal women experienced a “significant increase” in bone mineral density of the hip following a 24-week WBV training program.

If squeezing in time to exercise is a challenge, and losing fat and gaining muscle tone is something you desire, Healthy Vibes Holistic Studio has the solution – a 10-minute WBV session. WBV also improves flexibility, mobility, balance and helps with lymphatic flow.

Healthy Vibes’ wellness circuit is designed to reduce stress, boost immunity, alleviate pain, detox the body, and even boost fitness levels.

Need a mental health break? Pain relief? Enjoy a 10-minute custom massage. The massage chair and foot massage use rollers and airbags with powerful vibrations to target sore spots, release tension, improve movement and relieve pain. You’ll feel incredible.

Spend 10 minutes at the soothing salt dome detox station for stress release, and body boosting. Slip into the infrared sauna, fully clothed, for 10 minutes to warm up the body from within. The low-temperature heat energy penetrates bones and muscles, relieving pain, improving circulation, sleep and relaxation.

Enjoy all-you-can-drink complimentary chaga tea and anti-viral ozone-infused spring water during your stay.

Custom-create your experience. Spend 10 minutes or 40 minutes. It’s up to you. Ask about memberships.

2924 Hwy 69N (in Norm’s Plaza), Val Caron, ON. Call 705-923-8135 or email spa@healthyvibes.ca for more details.

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