Dry Brushing Detox Ritual

By Mercedes Kay

Gold Jump starting the day with dry brushing is a great morning ritual. Wake up the entire central nervous system in under five minutes by using a firm natural bristle brush with a long wood handle. It’s easy and invigorating. Begin at your toes. Brush the skin counter clockwise using small strokes working your way towards the top. The amount of pressure applied is truly a personal choice. Brushing the skin stimulates lymph nodes.

I like to think of the lymphatic system as a transport truck on a busy highway. Like a semi-truck, it’s responsible for collecting, transporting and ultimately eliminating cargo. Just like a highway, it can become overloaded. Too many toxins slow down transportation leaving the elimination process sluggish or even stagnant, resembling a traffic jam. Dry brushing removes dead skin, eliminates toxins and can even diminish the look of cellulite. Don’t forget it’s a dream for helping address digestive issues. Start the day with a scrub and shower

The final step should include slathering coconut oil all over your skin, the largest organ. Mercedes Kay Gold is a Certified Holistic Practitioner and Certified Mobile Trainer living and working in Toronto. Her writing has been featured in various publications and has appeared on Daytime with Jacqueline Betterton. She spends her spare time blogging all things healthy and enjoying time her sons. Mercedeskaygold.com mercedeskaygoldfitness@gmail.com

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